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Mandatory 3-6 Years in Prison Avoided

NH Superior Court. Client faced 4 charges, including being an accomplice to criminal threatening with a firearm and endangering the welfare of children. NH felony attorney Richard Samdperil successfully negotiated the dismissal of weapon and child endangerment charges. Ultimately, all the charges were dismissed as part of a plea bargain, and the client pled to 2 misdemeanors for making false reports to police.

By doing so, the client avoided 3-6 year prison term, which is the mandatory minimum sentence for any charge involving the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a firearm. The client also avoided a felony conviction.

Although the charges were negotiated, the sentence was not. At a contested sentencing hearing, Attorney Samdperil challenged the State’s evidence and presented testimony from a private investigator who had been hired by Attorney Samdperil to work on the case.

Attorney Samdperil was successful in persuading the judge to reject the prosecutor’s sentencing recommendation.