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Felony Stalking Case Ends in Acquittal

Less than a month after hearing a not guilty verdict in a Strafford County manslaughter case, Richard Samdperil was in the Rockingham County Superior Court defending a client charged with felony Stalking and with violating a protective order. The client was charged by local police in 2016 and later indicted by a Rockingham County grand […]

Not Guilty Verdicts in Manslaugher and Riot Case

Following a 2 weeks trial, a jury found a Samdperil & Welsh client not guilty of Manslaughter and Felony Riot charges.  The case stemmed from an incident at a bar in Rochester, New Hampshire and was tried in the Strafford County Superior Court in Dover.  After hearing from eye-witnesses, police detectives, and expert witnesses in the area […]

Client Found Not Guilty of Criminal Threatening with A Handgun

The client was accused of drawing a firearm, a 9 mm. handgun, at a Portsmouth bar and threatening a bouncer.  If convicted of either of the two felony charges he was charged with, the client faced a possible 7 1/2 – 15 year sentence in prison, fines, and the loss of his right to own and […]

Jury Acquits Client of First Degree Assault

Following a jury trial, a Grafton County jury acquitted Samdperil & Welsh, PLLC’s client of charges of First Degree Assault and Second Degree Assault.  If convicted, the client faced a possible sentence of 7 1/2 – 15 years in state prison. Attorney Richard Samdperil, who represented the client, successfully argued to the jury that his client, who broke […]

Burglary charge reduced

Attorney Samdperil’s client was initially indicted on felony burglary charges, but prosecutors agreed to reduce the charges as part of a plea bargain. In this case, the client pled guilty to misdemeanor charges of criminal trespass, and received a sentence of time served and probation. This outcome was particularly significant for the client, who was […]

Felony Drug Charge Dismissed – No Jail Time

The defendant and his roommate, both college students, were charged with manufacturing and possessing drugs, a felony offense in New Hampshire. Attorney Samdperil became involved before the first court appearance, sending letters to the prosecutor touting his client’s academic success and the impact a felony would have on the client’s future. Attorney Samdperil also counseled […]

DUI Charges Dismissed After Failed Sobriety and Breath Tests

Attorney Welsh represented a client arrested for DUI. The Police reports indicated that the client drank 10-12 beers before being stopped by police. According to the police reports, the client failed all sobriety tests (the HGN, Walk and Turn, One legged Stand). The client also submitted to a breath test, which exceeded the .08 legal limit. The […]

NH DWI Charge Dropped after Failed Sobriety Test

Attorney Joseph Welsh represented a Client charged with DWI in New Hampshire. Client had used the wrong entry way into a public parking lot, struck a parking meter, and not parked the car within the parking lines. Client failed all field sobriety tests and admitted to drinking alcohol. Result: DWI charge was dropped from prosecution. Client pleaded guilty to […]

Mandatory 3-6 Years in Prison Avoided

NH Superior Court. Client faced 4 charges, including being an accomplice to criminal threatening with a firearm and endangering the welfare of children. NH felony attorney Richard Samdperil successfully negotiated the dismissal of weapon and child endangerment charges. Ultimately, all the charges were dismissed as part of a plea bargain, and the client pled to 2 misdemeanors for making […]

Gun and Child Endangerment Charges Dismissed; Lesser Misdemeanors Substituted

Client’s charges of being an accomplice to criminal threatening with a firearm and endangering the welfare of children were all dismissed. As part of a negotiated settlement the client pled to 2 misdemeanors of making false reports to police, and avoided a mandatory 3-6 year prison term. Attorney Samdperil was also successful in persuading the […]

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