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Richard E. Samdperil Joseph E. Welsh
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Experienced New Hampshire Trial Lawyers

Over the past three decades, the attorneys at Samdperil & Welsh, PLLC have handled some of New Hampshire’s most serious cases. And while we are no strangers to high profile cases, we do some of our best work quietly, often behind the scenes, to get our clients the best results possible. Whether your case is a criminal matter or an auto or motorcyle accident, our firm offers lawyers with extensive trial experience and negotiating skills.

Getting the best possible result means being prepared to try hard cases, litigating the issues, and having the experience to know what to look for in police or medical reports, witness statements, and forensic documents. We have that experience.

Few Seacoast lawyers have tried or won more cases than we have. Opposing counsel knows that we’re serious when we say, “We’re ready for trial.”

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What We Do

Samdperil & Welsh, PLLC was founded in 2006 by Attorneys Joseph Welsh and Richard Samdperil.

Joe Welsh has been practicing law since 1993. Joe’s practice focuses on criminal law and DWI defense, certain family court matters, and motor vehicle accidents and personal injury litigation.

Richard Samdperil has been practicing law since 1994. Richard’s practice focuses on criminal law and DWI defense, appellate litigation, and certain civil matters

At Samdperil & Welsh, PLLC every client is represented by an experienced trial attorney, and by someone who has tried hundreds of cases in the New Hampshire courts.