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Joseph E. Welsh


NH Attorney Joseph Welsh is an experienced trial attorney. He began trying cases while he was still a student in law school twenty years ago and hasn’t stopped since.

Over the past two decades, he has tried and won cases at the district, superior, and family court levels throughout New Hampshire.

Joseph Welsh’s practice concentrates on criminal, motor vehicle, DWI law, family law, and personal injury litigation.

Since 1993 he has successfully defended individuals charged with all types of criminal and motor vehicle offenses, including murder, manslaughter, negligent homicide, rape/sexual assault, DWI law, domestic violence assault, habitual offender, and all types of drug offenses.

Joseph Welsh has appeared in courts literally thousands of times, each time arguing zealously on behalf of his clients. Juries and judges have found his clients not guilty of the most serious of criminal and motor vehicle charges.

He knows how the New Hampshire Court system works. He knows the judges, court clerks, and prosecutors involved in your case.

NH Attorney Joseph Welsh repeatedly uses his experience to convince prosecutors to drop or forego bringing charges for extremely serious charges, including rape, murder, assault, domestic violence, and DWI.

NH Attorney Joseph Welsh represents many people charged with DWI in New Hampshire. DWI law is extremely complex, however he understands these complexities. He is also a certified Intoxilyzer breath test operator, having been trained by one of North America’s leading Intoxilyzer experts.

Increasingly, the police charge many teenagers and college students with offenses involving the illegal use and possession of alcohol and drugs. For these young adults, a criminal conviction and criminal record can have serious ramifications for their futures. NH Attorney Joseph Welsh has successfully represented many young clients, where he has used his extensive experience to avoid the stigma of a criminal record.

Joseph Welsh also has appeared numerous times before administrative tribunals, such as the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles, where he has helped clients avoid having their driver’s license suspended in the first instance, or if they had already lost their license, get their license reinstated.

In 2001, NH Attorney Joseph Welsh took a leave from practicing law in New Hampshire to work in Europe for the United Nations as a lawyer for the International Crime Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. Only a handful of NH attorneys have ever worked for the ICTY.

At the ICTY Joseph Welsh helped investigate and prosecute military and political leaders from Bosnia who had been charged with committing genocide, crimes against humanity, and other violations of international criminal law. While working primarily in the Netherlands, NH Attorney Joseph Welsh also conducted investigation in Bosnia.

NH Attorney Joseph Welsh also has an active family law practice in the area of divorce, child support, custody and visitation (known in New Hampshire as parenting time), alimony, mediation, and restraining orders. He has appeared hundreds of times in family court before marital masters and judges. He understands the legal and heightened emotional issues involved in family law litigation.

University of Maine School of Law, Cum Laude

University of Southern Maine, B.S. Economics, Magna Cum Laude

University of Southern Maine, B.A. History, Summa Cum Laude