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Auto Accidents

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Auto accidents can be devastating. We understand that auto accidents cause injuries that not only affect the person injured, but impact entire families, strain personal and professional relationships, and almost always result in unforeseeable financial hardships.

If you have had an accident in New Hampshire, you may be facing skyrocketing medical costs, lost wages, and emotional and psychological discomfort resulting from your injury.

Personal Injury Lawyers protect your rights, not the insurance company’s profits.

At Samdperil and Welsh, PLLC we work quickly to meet with clients, listen to their stories, and, where appropriate, commence legal action. Prompt and aggressive action is critical to pursuing any accident in NH.

This is the opposite approach that most insurance companies take: they frequently conduct long investigations into the circumstances of the injury or accident.

Insurance company representatives can challenge the basis of your claim. And they often question the damage estimates or medical treatment that your doctors believe is necessary. It’s usually not in the insurance company’s interest to pay claims quickly – and in the meantime, your situation keeps getting worse.

The personal injury lawyers at Samdperil & Welsh understand that your recovery goes far beyond healing from the physical injuries. The insurance companies have experienced lawyers and resources you don’t. You need a strong advocate too.

We are aggressive and experienced New Hampshire personal injury lawyers. We work with your doctors and other experts to build as strong a case as possible. We also work with other personal injury lawyers and firms to put together the best legal team for you. The goal is to get you what you are entitled to – the best settlement or verdict possible.

If you are looking for professional, dignified representation, give us a call.

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“Richard Samdperil provided an exemplary level of professionalism and efficiency along with a compassionate understanding of my situation. I’d spoken to numerous attorneys before requesting assistance from Richard and am honestly so happy that I did.”

– Victoria M.
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