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Drug Sales (Intent to Distribute)

The lawyers at Samdperil & Welsh, PLLC have been representing clients in controlled drug and narcotics cases for over 20 years.

NH Drug Offenses

Drug offenses are defined in the Controlled Drug Act, not the New Hampshire Criminal Code. In many cases, the penalty provisions for offenses are unique, and often involve jail sentences and significantly higher fines than most misdemeanor and felony offenses.

With the exception of simple possession of marijuana, almost all other offenses are felonies, and carry a potential for a state prison sentence. Additionally, the mandatory minimum penalties increase for persons with prior drug convictions.

Some offenses, such as possessing a controlled drug in a motor vehicle, are also defined in the motor vehicle code, and a conviction for possessing drugs in a motor vehicle will often carry a mandatory 60 day loss of license for a first offense.

A conviction for possession – even marijuana possession – can result in a loss of student financial aid.

Drug cases may also involve a civil component, as the state or federal government may seek the forfeiture of assets or proceeds.

Whether the case involves possession of a small amount of marijuana for personal use, or the distribution and sale of heroin or prescription drugs, we have experience handling those cases.  The world of drug charges often includes confidential informants (CI’s), wiretaps, and the search and seizure of property.  Our advocacy includes aggressively challenging unlawful searches of homes and vehicles, but also guiding clients who need treatment to counselors (LADC’s), rehabilitation programs, and other providers.

If you are looking for legal representation by seasoned criminal defense lawyers who have experience with the people and complex legal issues of this world, give us a call – (603) 775-7570.  Our lawyers are licensed in both State and Federal courts.

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